An alphabetic circle of 26 stones is illuminated by blue light. Within the circle
of stones, lines of reflective metal tape trace the spelling of the word, "idea"
(which is the same in Polish and English). The stones and reflective lines
rest on a bed of text-fragments from a description of a recent archeological
discovery in central Poland (described as Europe's most ancient burial site).  
At the opposite end of the gallery, a large work-table, illuminated by a single
overhead light, is covered in references to circular formations ranging from:
color wheels, clocks, and compasses, to ancient pots and decorative beads
from Poznan's archeological museum. The table also contains the deciphered
spelled-form of the word, "idea" and several other English and Polish words
which relate to circular conceptions, entoptic phenomena, and ancient symbols.
Alignments, 2006, GALERIA AT, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland
Details of  Proto-type, 2000, Mixed Media Installation, New Arts Program
SUBTEXT,  Havemeyer Park, Brooklyn, NY, 2014 (an outdoor installation which
explores connections between modern language and early artifacts of
the symbolic mind). Presented by Tipi Project. The installation is comprised of
engraved stones, shell-beads, earth pigments, and spelled-forms from "
Book of Spells." More documentation is at
HENGE LAB - A new site-specific outdoor installation
For more info on this work-in-progress, visit: