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Spoke of the Wheel, 2006, Portland Ballet Company, Collaboration with Nell Shipman & PBC
Composite of a selection of work from the artist's ongoing (37 year) exploration of 'spelled-forms' - for information
about the unique process of generating spelled-forms, see the
About Work page.
Origin of Geometry, Soho Center, New York
Regular, Linear, Axial, Chaos, Kassel Art Museum, Germany
Michael Winkler is a visual/conceptual artist. His ongoing
project explores a process-based visualization of the
patterning of the spelling of words. "Spelling constitutes a
codified manifestation of sequences of intuitive choices
which evolved from the collective consciousness of our
cultural ancestors (as they developed the signs we continue
to use to convey senses of meaning in modern language)."

*click here to read a recent article on the project and its implications
2017 Michael Winkler